Are You Looking for Supervised Exercise Rehabilitation? 

Fundamentally, injuries occur for one major reason – an inability for a muscle or joint to be able to cope with the amount of load applied to it.

This can occur for a number of reasons. We could have improper biomechanics, or poor movement patterns; that in turn causes us to abnormally load areas of the body that we shouldn’t. Or, there could simply be a weakness in a particular area, meaning that its general capacity to cope with load is diminished. More often than not, injuries occur due a combination of these reasons.

As such, appropriate exercise rehabilitation is essential for ALL injuries. 

In the case of improper biomechanics, our physiotherapists will guide you through a supervised program in order to teach you new movement strategies, and then strengthen these previously neglected muscle groups.

If the need is for simple strengthening exercise; all of our clinics are equipped with a state of the art strengthening equipment to provide a non-threatening environment to perform your exercise under supervision from our physiotherapists. This equipment includes barbells, kettlebells, clubbells and dumbbells. Our Booragoon studio also offers 1:1 Clinical Pilates. 

You can view our Exercise Library for an example of the exercises given in your rehabilitation sessions. 


move physiotherapy and fitness east fremantle general physiotherapy

General Physiotherapy

General physiotherapy for chronic and acute conditions.


move physiotherapy and fitness east fremantle dry needling

Dry Needling

Acupuncture needles applied directly to muscular trigger points to reduce muscle tone and improve blood flow.


move physiotherapy and fitness exercise rehabilitation east fremantle

Exercise Rehabilitation

Individually tailored and supervised exercises utilising our fully equipped gym, to help you get moving again after injury or surgery.


move physiotherapy and fitness sports physiotherapy east fremantle

Sports Physiotherapy

Our physiotherapists have experience in a range of sports including Australian Rules Football, Gridiron, Netball and Basketball.


move physiotherapy, move physiotherapy and fitness, physiotherapy fremantle, physiotherapy east fremantle, massage

Massage Therapy

Utilising a range of techniques to improve circulation, blood flow, reduce muscle tension and improve joint mobility.


move physiotherapy and fitness clinical pilates east fremantle

Physiotherapy After A Car Accident

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