Why All Injuries Should Be Rehabilitated | Move Physiotherapy Fremantle

Why All Injuries Should Be Rehabilitated | Move Physiotherapy Fremantle

We have all had those injuries. Those small niggles that we shrug off and simply say ‘It will get better.’ And hey, 90% of the time they actually do and we are none the wiser, until it happens again.

Usually, these twinges go away within a week or two…

The second time, it takes 3 or 4 weeks to subside.

The third time, maybe it takes 5 or 6 weeks. And the pattern continues.

For many, we do not afford ourselves the time to look after ourselves. Although self-love is becoming a more common phenomenon- we are learning to nourish our bodies with better food, and we have a tremendous understanding for the role in exercise in not only physical but mental health- yet we rarely afford ourselves the time to investigate ‘why’ we are continuously getting back pain, or recurrent soft tissue injuries, or that recurrent tightness in our shoulders and neck.

This SHOULD be the primary role of your physiotherapist.

I say SHOULD, because more often than not, the catalyst for seeing your physiotherapist is the moment where our back pain, or neck pain becomes so debilitating that we simply must.

But lets turn the tables…

Imagine that for every minor twinge, we investigate WHY this has occurred. For example, the classic case of back pain.

Most back pain will resolve itself without intervention within 2-4 weeks. Yet, if it is reoccurring frequently, what is our body trying to tell us?

Do we have a weakness? – Is our core strength, glute strength or hamstring strength deficient?

Do we have tightness? – Is it simply a case of tightness affecting your lumbar musculature, or associated muscles in the area?

Do we have poor movement patterns? – Do we simply move in a way that places load onto our lumbar spine? Are we repeatedly lifting with a rounded lower back? Do we have poor pelvic awareness, and therefore are unable to achieve and maintain a neutral spine with daily living activities?

This is where your physiotherapist can help!

We can investigate all of the above, and give you an actionable checklist to not only eradicate your pain, but also significantly lessen the chances of this pain recurring.

Now, doesn’t that sound better than being in debilitating pain, requiring massage, manipulation and other modalities to first eliminate your pain, and then assess your movement?

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