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Wry Neck Physiotherapy | Move Physiotherapy Fremantle

Have you ever woken up being completely unable to move your neck? This may have been just in one direction, or your neck could have completely seized. There is often a sharp pain associated with turning the neck with muscle spasm that can extend into the shoulder. And furthermore, there is often no preceding incident – perhaps only that you have slept awkwardly. You may have experienced a wry neck!

wry neck physiotherapy

Wry necks are common condition, and although highly debilitating at the time of injury. The good news is that they are easily treated and often resolve within only a handful of physiotherapy treatments!


Wry Neck Causes and Treatment

A Wry Neck can also be termed a ‘Facet Joint Wry Neck.’ This refers to an acute locking of the facet joint, which is your bone on bone articulation of your spine. This type of Wry Neck most commonly affects your C1/2 joint, which means that you are unable to rotate your head, and generally occurs after sleeping in an awkward position such as on a plane seat, or when you have been cast out onto the couch for the night! This injury is also common in children!

Your physiotherapist will often combine techniques such as massage or dry needling to loosen the muscles around the affected facet joint. Once these muscles have been relaxed, it allows your physiotherapist to apply a gentle mobilisation technique to the affected facet joint to restore normal movement. These injuries are easily fixed and can often be resolved within just a handful of treatments.



Your physiotherapists at Move Physiotherapy are your experts in Wry Neck Physiotherapy. We offer 60 minute initial consultations in order to comprehensively assess your neck, and also identify contributing factors to your injury. Your first session will include a comprehensive treatment where we are usually able to significantly improve your range of movement and decrease pain.

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