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Are You Looking For A Bulk Billing Workcover Physiotherapy Provider?

Have you been involved in a workplace accident, and looking to commence physiotherapy treatment?

Move Physiotherapy Fremantle is your one-stop shop for your complete rehabilitation. We offer a complete service consisting of physiotherapy, dry needling and remedial massage in conjunction with housing a full gymnasium for your exercise rehabilitation.

The following article outlines the process required to start your insurance claim and commence your physiotherapy treatment. Once you have received your claim number and GP referral, Move Physiotherapy can liase with all health professionals and third party insurers throughout the rehabilitation process.

Move Physiotherapy does not charge you an out of pocket expense for physiotherapy with an ICWA claim.

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If you have suffered a workplace injury, you should first report your injury to your workplace and seek appropriate first aid.

You should seek a medical assessment as soon as possible. Your GP will assess your injuries and complete a ‘Certificate of Capacity.’ This is a standardised form used to determine your initial working capacity following your injury.

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You are then required to fill out a ‘Workers Compensation Claim’ form. A link to this form can be found here.

You will be required to give this form in conjunction with your ‘Certificate of Capacity’ to your employer. Your employer will be required to fill out sections of this form and give it to their insurer within 5 working days.

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The insurer will notify you within 14 days whether your claim has been accepted or rejected. In some cases, they can also delay your claim by a further 10 days for more investigation.

Your employer or insurer may also refer you to an independent medical practitioner before accepting your claim.

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If your claim has been accepted, you can commence treatment with your physiotherapist of choice. Your physiotherapist will be required to submit evidence of the initial assessment and proposed treatment plan to your insurer.

If your claim is not accepted, or is pending approval, you will be liable for your own medical expenses in the case that your claim is not approved.


move physiotherapy and fitness east fremantle general physiotherapy

General Physiotherapy

General physiotherapy for chronic and acute conditions.



move physiotherapy and fitness east fremantle dry needling

Dry Needling

Acupuncture needles applied directly to muscular trigger points to reduce muscle tone and improve blood flow.


move physiotherapy and fitness exercise rehabilitation east fremantle

Exercise Rehabilitation

Individually tailored and supervised exercises utilising our fully equipped gym, to help you get moving again after injury or surgery.


move physiotherapy and fitness sports physiotherapy east fremantle

Sports Physiotherapy

Our physiotherapists have experience in a range of sports including Australian Rules Football, Gridiron, Netball and Basketball.


move physiotherapy, move physiotherapy and fitness, physiotherapy fremantle, physiotherapy east fremantle, massage

Massage Therapy

Utilising a range of techniques to improve circulation, blood flow, reduce muscle tension and improve joint mobility.


move physiotherapy and fitness clinical pilates east fremantle

Physiotherapy After a Car Accident

Your step by step guide to claiming your insurance and receiving treatment after your car accident.