Strength Based Physiotherapy Exercise Rehabilitation

We Can Get You Moving Better Than Ever Before!

Does this describe you?

  • You have become gradually more sedentary in recent years – perhaps this is linked with a changing family situation or increase in work, but you’re moving less than before. 
  • You have noticed a decrease in flexibility – this may have started with it being gradually harder to squat or put shoes and socks on in the morning, but it is getting gradually harder to get moving every day. 
  • Your strength has decreased.  
  • Overall you’re noticing more aches and pains, and areas of recurrent tightness – whether this be in your neck and shoulders; or lower back. 
  • You’re looking to do something about it. 

Please read on.

Our Physiotherapists are experts in Human Movement. We can take our knowledge of musculoskeletal injury and human movement to formulate an exercise program designed to get you moving better than ever before

What we can offer you:

  • Comprehensive flexibility screen – comparing your movement to ‘norms’ for your age.
  • A strength assessment utilising Force Plates and exact measurements of kilograms of force – which is then compared to ‘norms’ of your age.
  • Biomechanical movement screen to understand areas of recurrent pain or tightness. 
  • An individualised program to improve flexibility, improve strength and prevent areas of recurrent tightness and associated aches and pains. 
  • One-to-one training with our physiotherapists in our in-house gym environments – who can ensure you are completing your program without risk of injury.
  • Access to our group training sessions where people are engaging in their own person rehab programs under the small group supervision of a physiotherapist.

Best yet – all of your sessions can be claimed on your Private Health Insurance. 


How you can get started:

  • Book a ‘FREE Exercise Rehab Assessment’ – discuss your goals, injury history and aches and pains with your physiotherapist (FREE – $67 Value). 
  • Purchase a ‘Exercise Package’ – we offer 6 ($80/session) and 12 session ($70/session) exercise packages.
  • Before commencing, your physiotherapist will run you through a state of the art force plate, biomechanics and video analysis – FREE ($150 value). 
  • Start your exercise journey with your physiotherapist. 
  • Reassess your goals every 6 weeks – review your goals, including a free force plate analysis and biomechanics assessment. 

This is a limited placement offer. For best value purchase a 12 session rehab package for $840 and receive $1,380 value. Furthermore, you can claim your Private Health Insurance on these sessions. Depending on your level of cover this could mean you are only minimally out of pocket for your ongoing training.



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