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Shin Splints Physiotherapy | Move Physiotherapy Fremantle

Shin Splints is a common, albeit also frequently misdiagnosed presentation, causing pain and discomfort in the lower part of your shin bone. It is most commonly felt in the centre and inner portion of your shin.

In the early stages of this presentation, people will generally experience a mild discomfort as they commence running or a weight bearing activity; which soon dissipates during the activity, only for it to return during the cool down period. As the condition progresses, it can remain during the exercise and often for days following the activity.

Shin splints are highly common in runners, and sports people whose principal sport requires prolonged times of running and jumping. It is thought to affect between 13 and 20% of all runners (short, middle and long distance).

Move Physiotherapy are experts in diagnosing and treating running injuries. We offer longer appointment times to comprehensively assess your pain, provide a detailed diagnosis and assess contributing factors that may be exacerbating pain with your recent injury. Our longer followup appointments allow us to return you to the activities you love doing at the fastest timeframe.

You can follow the link here or at the top of the page to book your appointment online today. Same day appointments are often available. 


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Shin Splints E-Book

Are you, or somebody you know suffering with Shin Splints? Is this injury restricting your training or limiting your performance?

Many athletes have found short term relief in the form of taping, foam rolling or regular massage, but struggle to eliminate the problem completely. Our Shin Splints E-Book is your comprehensive guide to diagnosis, differential diagnosis of shin splints compared to other lower limb injuries, assessment and treatment of this injury.

Click on the image above, or the link here to download our E-Book!

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Runners Knee E-Book

Runner’s Knee is the most commonly diagnosed source of knee pain experienced around the kneecap. It is commonly felt during repetitive activities such as walking, running, climbing stairs and squatting type movements.

Treatment of this condition is multifaceted and includes a combination of releasing tight muscles, most commonly the quadriceps, gluteals and calves in addition to strengthening weak muscles which are commonly the glutes and hamstrings.

Our E-Book provides an insight into the many contributing factors of Patellofemoral Knee Pain Syndrome or Runner’s Knee, including differential diagnosis of PFPS compared to other knee pathologies along with foam rolling techniques and strengthening exercises to eliminate this pain for good. Click on the image above or follow the link here to download this E-Book. 


Why Should I Get My Shin Splints Treated At Move Physiotherapy?

At Move Physiotherapy Fremantle, we consider ourselves to be experts in the treatment of running injuries.

We spend longer with you during your first appointment in order to comprehensively assess not only the source of your pain but also the contributing factors underlying your injury.

We also take the time to understand how your injury is impacting you, and work with you to formulate a plan to get you from pain and injury back to performing at your peak.

Our first appointment always includes treatment, whether this be joint mobilisation, massage, dry needling or simply advice.


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General Physiotherapy

General physiotherapy for chronic and acute conditions.


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Dry Needling

Acupuncture needles applied directly to muscular trigger points to reduce muscle tone and improve blood flow.


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Exercise Rehabilitation

Individually tailored and supervised exercises utilising our fully equipped gym, to help you get moving again after injury or surgery.


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Sports Physiotherapy

Our physiotherapists have experience in a range of sports including Australian Rules Football, Gridiron, Netball and Basketball.


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Massage Therapy

Utilising a range of techniques to improve circulation, blood flow, reduce muscle tension and improve joint mobility.


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Physiotherapy After A Car Accident

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