Sharpening the Blade

What are the similarities between our bodies and my home renovation endeavours over the weekend?

Hit by the home renovation bug, I collected my power tools from the shed with enthusiasm and vigour; only to find the blunted blade was unable to cut through my materials.

Although not great for my renovation project, it was a great inspiration for our fortnightly newsletter… Because, our bodies share many similarities with that blunted blade.

The majority of our injuries occur trying to do ‘too much’ after a sustained period of doing too little. In the extreme, this could be running a marathon after sitting on the couch for the last month. In practicality, this is usually an activity such as moving furniture when we have otherwise minimised our lifting activities for months or years prior.

Our bodies, as with the unused blade, can become blunted. When we finally ask it to cut through our materials – shifting the couch in the previous example – it fails and becomes injured. Regular exercise is our way of sharpening the blade. Exercise and increasing lean muscle mass; is one of the most important things we can do to ensure our bodies remain healthy throughout the lifespan.

A decrease in lean muscle tissue is directly related to decreased longevity – and what is worse, is that the signs of ‘pre-frailty’ are now evident in up to 45% of those in their 40s! This includes signs such as decreased muscle mass in the arms and legs, decreased balance and trunk stability and an inability to control spine and pelvic posture.

As we progress through the lifespan, when combined with factors such as osteopenia or osteoporosis, this decrease in muscle mass makes us more prone to falls, fractures and serious injury; which is subsequently linked to an earlier mortality in elderly individuals.

However, there is something you can do about it!

Our physiotherapists are expertly suited to guide you through an exercise program, regardless of whether you are coming off a serious injury or simply a period of sustained inactivity. Furthermore, we offer a number of rehabilitation packages to ensure this supervised exercise option is not only rewarding, but also cost effective.

Without regular exercise, our bodies can lose between 1% and 2% of muscle mass each year during our 40s; with our rate of muscle loss – or sarcopenia – increasing during our 50s. Click the link HERE to book an appointment online with one of our Physiotherapists to get started on your exercise journey today.

We hope we can be trusted to continue helping you on your health and well-being journey.

Sharpening the Blade
Daniel Ryan
Owner/Principal Physiotherapist
Move Physiotherapy & Fitness

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