Running Into Injury

If you love to run then there’s a good chance you’re familiar with at least one of the myriad of potential running injuries. The benefits of running are bountiful, it improves bone, muscle and joint health, improves cardiovascular functional and reduces risk of heart disease. Unfortunately with all of these benefits, there come a few drawbacks. Beyond getting swetty pain relating to running can be very limiting and frustrating. 


Common areas of pain relating to running are 

  • Low back pain
  • Anterior hip pain
  • Lateral hip pain
  • Anterior knee pain 
  • Lateral knee pain
  • Anterior shin pain
  • Medial shin pain


At move physiotherapy and fitness our physiotherapists are experienced treating runners of all shapes and sizes and at all levels. Generally, you’ll be prompted to talk through the history of your complaint including, but not limited to, the location of your pain, the nature of your symptoms, aggravating and easing factors, current and previous training load, past medical history, social history and why it is you run. Following the history taking your physiotherapist will run through a tailored examination looking at your static and moving mechanics, relevant muscle strength, control, timing and endurance as well as thorough palpation and specific tests to identify exactly what the problem is and how it may be remedied. 


A lot of the time when beginning to run or when increasing training load little niggles will appear and dissipate by themselves or with a little extra rest. When these niggles are persistent or severe it’s a good idea to get in touch with a health practitioner that has experience treating these conditions. 

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