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Remedial Massage Therapy | Move Physiotherapy Fremantle

Remedial Massage is an umbrella term used to describe a number of massage styles including trigger point release, deep tissue massage and sports massage in conjunction with techniques such as PNF – proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitaiton – and MET – muscle energy techniques.

A deep remedial massage can encourage blood flow to tight bands of muscle, improving oxygen supply and flushing out toxic chemicals in these muscles to effectively relax the tissues. Lighter treatments can still provide effective relief from pain and tightness by removing adhesions in the overlying fascial layer. You can discuss with your remedial therapist or physiotherapist the goals of your massage, who can recommend an appropriate treatment.

The immediate benefits from your remedial massage therapy will include reduced pain, improved mobility, decreased stress and improved energy levels. You can book your remedial massage with your massage therapist or physiotherapist by following the link here.


What Are The Benefits of Massage?

Massage has a multitude of benefits. Physically, it can result in:

  • Decreasing muscle tension
  • Faster healing of strained muscles
  • Greater flexibility and range of movement.
  • Improved blood circulation and drainage of lymph fluids.
  • Over time, gradually improved postures.

The mental benefits of massage include:

  • Decreased stress and anxiety
  • Decreased stress and improved relaxation
  • Improved overall sense of well being

What Do I Wear To My Appointment?

Quite simply, make sure that you are comfortable. We will ask you to expose areas that you would like massaged, however we will always maintain your modesty throughout the treatment. 

Our therapist will generally leave the room and request that you place a towel over your body at the start of your appointment. 

What Can I Get Massaged?

Quite simply, anything.

Simply let our therapists know what is feeling stiff, sore or tight and our therapist can work those areas for you! Your physiotherapist will also identify contributing factors to your tight areas and work these areas as well. 

Are There Times Where I Should Not Have a Massage?

There are some moments where massage therapy is contraindicated.

Most notably, following an acute injury it is important to adhere to the No HARM principle. This stands for No HEAT, ALCOHOL, RUNNING/ACTIVITY or MASSAGE. 

Massage increases the amount of blood flow to the injured area, and as such in the case of acute injury can increase the level of inflammation at the injured site. We always recommend that people follow the RICER principle in the case of acute injury. This refers to REST, ICE, COMPRESS, ELEVATE and REFER. 

There are also moments where you have been continuously trialling treatment with no real long term response. Whilst not contraindicated, in these instances your physiotherapist may choose to perform a different treatment such as Dry Needling or Exercise Rehabilitation in order to remedy your pain. 

I Have an Event Coming Up, Should I Get a Massage?


Massage in general should be part of your regular routine for endurance athletes. It is recommended that you schedule your final massage 2-3 days prior to your event so that you allow your body sufficient time to recover following your treatment. Most athletes can receive a moderate to firm treatment 2-3 days prior, and schedule a post event massage 1-2 days following.

Will My Private Health Insurance Cover Massage?

Your massage will be delivered by a qualified physiotherapist. As such, you can claim your treatment through your physiotherapy item codes under your Private Health Insurance.

What Is The Best Way to Book an Appointment?

We do not have a reception service. For this reason, it is often easiest to book your Fremantle massage appointment online. You can book online by following this link

Otherwise, you can call or text our contact number and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. 


Remedial Massage Fremantle | Move Physiotherapy Fremantle

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Remedial Massage Fremantle | Move Physiotherapy Fremantle

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Remedial Massage Fremantle | Move Physiotherapy Fremantle

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Remedial Massage Fremantle | Move Physiotherapy Fremantle

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move physiotherapy and fitness east fremantle massage

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Remedial Massage Fremantle | Move Physiotherapy Fremantle

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