Clinical Pilates Exercise Rehabilitation

Utilising Reformer Pilates To Get Back Into Physical Activity 

Many of us have the best intentions of getting back into physical activity – only to succumb to injuries soon after starting. This not only is a demoralising killer of motivation, but can lead us down a pathway of decreased health, wellbeing and increased sedentary behaviour. Alternatively, perhaps you are working towards a goal that only your health professional can understand – this may be reducing the loss of muscle mass, increasing bone density or exercising whilst dealing with pain or chronic illness. 

Clinical Reformer Pilates has an incredible reputation for returning people to physical activity in a safe and controlled manner. Better yet – it targets those areas that are always seemingly neglected in our own programs – like our glutes, core and postural muscles!

Whatever, the motivation – this is where Move Physiotherapy and Fitness excel! Our physiotherapists can combine their knowledge in human movement, exercise prescription and injury rehabilitation to help achieve your health and physical activity goals.

We ensure that our clinics are the best equipped physiotherapy clinics for this reason! Our Booragoon studio offers Private and Semi-Private Clinical Reformer sessions. These can be completed either in 1 on 1, or 2 on 1 private settings – or as a part of our group exercise and rehabilitation classes. In addition to Clinical Reformer Pilates our Booragoon studio is equipped with squat racks, barbells, dumbbells and more. This means that as you progress; we can utilise our other equipment to challenge you. 

We offer Clinical Reformer Pilates in addition to our state of the art treatment rooms where we offer general and sports physiotherapy, dry needling and remedial massage. We also have a second clinic located inside the state of the art Fremantle Rowing Club gymnasium – where we share their waterfront location with only a handful of gym members. It is the best kept secret in East Fremantle.  This clinic comes fully equipped with change rooms and showers. 


How to commence your Fitness and Rehabilitation sessions with Move Physiotherapy:

a) Book Online for an Initial Physiotherapy Consult – Throughout this session, your physiotherapist will discuss your goals, assess your biomechanics, injuries (if applicable) and areas of muscle tightness and weakness. Together you will create your goals and a personalised plan to assist you in achieving these goals. 

This personalised plan may involve the prescription of a self-guided gym program or a supervised exercise package to be completed with your physiotherapist. 

b) Your follow-up appointments can be booked on the day. We offer a number of packages to ensure these sessions remain affordable. Click here to view our pricing. Furthermore, each of these sessions can be claimed through your Private Health Insurance.


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