Presenting Unlimited Physiotherapy | East Fremantle Physiotherapy

Move Physio have started rolling out their Unlimited Physiotherapy package.

Quite simply, this allows each person to have an unlimited number of weekly physiotherapy appointments. This is perfect for those who require an intensive ‘hands on’ period of physiotherapy treatment such as massage or dry needling. It is also highly beneficial for those who require that extra guidance with their exercise rehabilitation, or those dealing with multiple injuries at once.


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Our package allows people to have an unlimited number of physiotherapy appointments each week for less than the price of 2 weekly appointments. There is a 4 week minimum treatment term. Your private health insurance benefits still apply.



We have created the package for the following reasons:

1. When rehabilitating an injury, it is often best evidence to target these weaker areas 3x/weekly. It is an unfortunate reality that spending $240/weekly on physiotherapy is often unrealistic! Over a typical 6 week rehabilitation program, our unlimited physiotherapy package can save these people $540. 

2.  It is an unfortunate reality that flareups can occur during a rehabilitation program. This is especially relevant for those who are rehabilitating a repetitive strain injury, or tendinopathy, where our rehabilitation requires us to progressively load structures without significantly overloading structures! It is a fine balance! In the case of these flareups, it allows us to provide hands on treatment as required to manage these flare ups and ensure we are strengthening your muscles and tendons without significant pain.

People on this program, may end up attending 3x weekly exercise rehabilitation sessions and 1x hands on session each week. Over 6 weeks, this is a saving of $1020!

3. It is rare that we only have one injury! Most people present to physiotherapy with a series of injuries… a sore neck, sore shoulder, sore hip. And it is a reality that each of these injuries are often interconnected. Physiotherapists are commonly restrained to treating only the ‘most significant’ injury. Our unlimited program allows us to treat all of your problems. We can get you back to your best health!


For those with Private Health Insurance that covers 70% of their treatments, they can receive unlimited physiotherapy appointments over a 6 week period for a cost of only $270!


To sign up for your physiotherapy unlimited package:

1. Attend an initial appointment. We currently are offering a GAP FREE initial physiotherapy consultation.

2. During your initial appointment mention your interest in our Unlimited Physiotherapy program. You will be required to sign up for a minimum 4 week period.

3. When you have concluded your treatment/rehabilitation, provide us with 1 week notice for cancelling this package.


You can use the booking form below to book your appointments online.