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Physiotherapy for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Gross and fine motor difficulties are common in those with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). It is common for parents and teachers to report their children appearing awkward with general movement such as running and jumping and other motor skills. These movement impairments in turn become a significant barrier in creating social connections, developing social skills, encouraging participation in physical activity and for behavioural control. Although these may be mild at a young age without adequate intervention can progress to more complex difficulties later in development. 

Low participation in physical activity are reported in up to 38% of those with ASD. These are primarily linked to motor impairments and an inability to ‘keep up’ with peers. 

Your Physiotherapist will work with the other members of the multidisciplinary team – commonly occupational therapists, speech pathologists and medical staff. Physiotherapists are tasked with improving motor impairments such as coordination difficulties, postural weaknesses, addressing musculoskeletal impairments and more. Particularly, your Physiotherapist will seek to improve functional behaviour and encourage independence and participation in physical activity. This can involve tasks such as running, jumping, riding a bike, developing coordination with ball sports or encouraging participation in lifestyle sports such as swimming, gym activities and more. We can work with your child to ensure they find joy and create a lifelong impact. 

The Move Physiotherapy team works closely with a large number of children and teens with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Our therapy sessions involve School Visits, Home Visits and Clinic-Based Appointments utilising our fully equipped gymnasium and functional area. 

We have two clinic locations. Our main clinic is based in the Gateway Centre in the Westfield Booragoon complex. This brand new clinic is equipped with state of art treatment rooms, a fully equipped rehabilitation gymnasium in a central and convenient location. Our second East Fremantle clinic is based inside the Fremantle Rowing Club. This satellite clinic has a beautiful waterfront location with newly constructed rooms, and a complete gymnasium that is shared with members of the Fremantle Rowing Club. This clinic comes fully equipped with change rooms and showers. 

We currently have the capacity to take on a small number of new clients with our Physiotherapist Sean. Sean works with a range of children with varying degrees of communication and physical difficulties. These availabilities are rare and will be assigned on a first served basis. 

*Please note, participants must be self-managed or plan managed in order to have appointments with Move Physiotherapy. 

In order to begin working with Move Physiotherapy, we require:

  • An email of inquiry sent to info@movephysiotherapy.com.au
  • Background information on the participant identifying other members of the multidisciplinary team and NDIS goals.
  • An extended initial appointment (1hr). 
  • We will work collaboratively with you to create a management plan following this initial appointment. 


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