Stop ‘Putting Up’ with Knee Osteoarthritis

Have you been recently diagnosed with Knee Osteoarthritis?

Do you believe there is anything you can do about it?

… Perhaps you have been given a series of medications to manage your pain, until you eventually require a knee replacement. Furthermore, as you await an eventual surgery (often many years into the future), you are probably noticing you can’t walk as far, find it increasingly difficult to climb the stairs and even raising from a chair getting harder by the day.

… One of my biggest disappointments in physiotherapy is hearing those with an injury who have resided to living a life with ongoing pain and disability when so much can be done. For this reason, please read more below and then book your FREE Knee Assessment at the bottom of the page. 

A diagnosis of Knee Osteoarthritis does NOT mean you are resided to a state of persistent pain and decreased function! 

Here are your key facts:

  • 30-53% of people will have X-Ray defined Osteoarthritic Changes in their knees after the age of 45 (Cicuttini 1996). This incidence is higher in women than men. Only 15-23% of those diagnosed with Radiologically Knee OA will experience pain in their knees. This means that your diganosed Osteoarthritis in your knee joint may NOT be the reason for your pain.
  • However, even it if it is! Participation in a physiotherapist supervised exercise program for Knee Osteoarthritis 2x weekly for 6 weeks will achieve – on average – a 36% reduction in pain, reduced reliance on medications and reduced perceived need for surgery. This has been proven on tens of thousands of participants world wide. 

At Move Physiotherapy, we are experts in treating knee pain. We regularly upskill on the topic to bring you the latest in evidence based treatments. We combine expert manual therapy – including remedial massage and dry needling – for short term pain relief, however will prescribe the latest appropriate exercises to ensure you get the improvements mentioned above.

These exercises can be completed individually with a physiotherapist – where we offer a number of rehabilitation packages to keep our prices affordable. Alternatively, they can be completed in a group exercise environment or through a home exercise program.


Our Facilities are World Class

We have two locations. Our East Fremantle clinic is shared with the Fremantle Rowing Club where we can utilise their fully equipped gymnasium in a semi-private setting. All this, whilst being located along the waterfront in Riverside Road where you can be distracted by the dolphins whilst performing your exercises. 

Alternatively, our Booragoon location is located in the scenic Gateway Centre of Westfield Booragoon – where our rehabilitation gymnasium overlooks the treetops and lakes in Booragoon. 

At both clinics – we are equipped with video analysis software and force plates; for detailed measurements of muscle strength and movement. This is technology previously exclusive to elite sporting clubs that we utilise to deliver to our local communities. For your rehabilitation, we have Pilates Reformers, dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells and more. Quite simply, no matter what your physical activity level – we can work with you to help you become your best version!


Still Not Convinced?

Helping those with Knee Osteoarthritis is my passion.

As I previously stated, one of my biggest disappointments in physiotherapy is hearing those with an injury who have resided to living a life with ongoing pain and disability when so much can be done. Furthermore, by the time they generally reach breaking point and can’t take it any longer – they are dealing with a prolonged period of physical deconditioning, decreased fitness, weight gain, and more knee wear-and-tear. 

Don’t delay. Do something about it NOW.

For this reason, I am even offering EVERYONE a free assessment of their pain. Simply book using the booking form below with the promo code mentioned. Because this is an exclusive offer for those targeted by this Facebook Advertisement – this code MUST be entered to receive your discount.

We look forward to seeing you in the clinic soon. 


To claim your FREE Knee Osteoarthritis Assessment – simply type in ‘Knee Osteoarthritis Assessment’ in the comments section whilst booking your appointment. 


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