Booty Bootcamp | How A Strong Booty Can Reduce Your Backpain

Glute Strengthening For Improved Lower Back Pain

Most people probably train their booty for purely aesthetic reasons! But, there is an added benefit of training this area – decreasing your lower back pain.

The primary role of our glutes is to maintain the stability of our pelvis during normal ambulation. A strong pelvis decreases the amount of load placed onto our lower backs, but it also prevents a myriad of other injuries such as knee pain, foot pain, hip pain and more.

I often tell people that glute strengthening is where I direct the majority of my rehabilitation and strengthening exercises.

The glutes are comprised of the gluteus maximus, medius and minimus. These muscles allow for hip extension, abduction (move laterally) and, for some, circumduction. They also support and stabilize the low back and pelvis as you move through numerous activities in sport and life.

Here are my go-to exercises for strengthening the glutes and improving your lower back pain!


Crab Walking

crab walking

Place the band around your ankles (or feet for an even greater glute burn!).

Move into a strict hip hinge, and reach your bottom to the back of the room, bowing forward through the torso in the process.

Hold this hinge position and gradually step sidewards. You should feel the burn in your outer glutes (your gluteus medius).

Aim for 12 steps in each direction.


Split Stance Hip Hinge

split stance hip hinge

This is a different take on your traditional deadlift.

Start in your normal deadlift position, with feet shoulder width apart. Now step back approximately 2 feet with one leg.

Place all of your weight through your front leg. Raise onto your toes on the back leg to minimize how much weight is being placed through this side.

Now perform your strict hip hinge, with all of the weight being placed through your front leg. You should feel the burn through your glutes and hamstring on the front leg.

Perform 10-12 repeitions. As with everything, perform atleast 2-3 sets!


Single Leg Romanian Deadlift

single leg RDL

The extension from the split stance movement from above.

Use this single leg version to place an even greater demand onto your glutes and hamstrings for stability.

Drive the weight through the heel of your front leg. Ensure you keep your back and torso straight through the whole movement.

Perform 10-12 repetitions. Repeat 3x.


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