Your Connect Therapy Physiotherapy Service in Fremantle and Booragoon

Do you experience persistent pain whereby traditional treatment only temporarily addresses your symptoms? Or has that temporary ‘niggle’ now become more persistent pain?

Founded by Dr Linda-Joy Lee, a leading Canadian physiotherapist, Connect Therapy adopts a holistic approach to musculoskeletal pain. It is a specialised assessment and treatment approach that aims to address not only the ‘symptom’ of your pain or discomfort, but also the underlying driver(s) of this pain.

This means that we can not only get you fast pain relief, but we can prevent this pain from returning in the future.

Your detailed 1 hour Connect Therapy initial appointment will involve a whole body assessment to identify the source of your pain, in addition to the many contributing factors to this pain. Your therapist will then work with you to optimise the movement of all these areas of the body allowing you to decrease your pain and move more freely.

Common examples include:

  • Groin pain or hip pain resulting from ankle immobility from a previous ankle injury.
  • Lower back pain resulting from tightness and limitations in the hips and pelvis.
  • Neck pain and headaches resulting from a shoulder movement dysfunction, often from a previous shoulder injury. 

Your physiotherapist may apply a range of techniques to address these dysfunctions, including joint mobilisations, manipulations or massage techniques. Or, prescribe a series of strengthening and stability exercises in order to optimise your movement. 

We spend longer in our these initial Connect Therapy appointments to ensure you are thoroughly educated on your presenting problem. You will be given a number of strategies to self-manage your pain and discomfort. But, fundamentally, if you are able to optimise the movement of your body you will find significant improvements in mobility, power, strength and endurance. 

We are able to provide this service in our clinics in Booragoon and East Fremantle. 

Our main Booragoon clinic is based in the Gateway Centre in the Westfield Booragoon complex. This brand new clinic is equipped with state of art treatment rooms, a fully equipped rehabilitation gymnasium in a central and convenient location.

Our second East Fremantle clinic is based inside the Fremantle Rowing Club. This satellite clinic has a beautiful waterfront location with newly constructed rooms, and a complete gymnasium that is shared with members of the Fremantle Rowing Club. This clinic comes fully equipped with change rooms and showers. 

To book your appointment at Move Physiotherapy, you can call us at the clinic on 08 6113 8062, or follow this link to book online.


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